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ECardon "We have also expanded cyber educational programs, including training with industry, fellowships, civilian graduate education, and utilization of inter-service education programs."
Lieutenant General Edward C. Cardon
Commanding General, U.S. Army Cyber Command and Second Army
Cyber Operations: Improving the Military Cyber Security Posture in an Uncertain Threat Environment.
Congressional Hearing Rayburn HOB - 2118 (March 2015)

DDonohue "We believe the solutions to our shared problems in cyberspace revolve around our people, and not systems. However, we must provide our workforce the training, tools, and resources they need to defend our nation."
Major General Daniel O'Donohue
Commanding General, U.S. Marine Corps Force Cyberspace
Cyber Operations: Improving the Military Cyber Security Posture in an Uncertain Threat Environment.
Congressional Hearing Rayburn HOB - 2118 (March 2015)

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Become a CSFI-DCOE (Defensive Cyberspace Operations Engineer). This is a unique CSFI certification track covering cyber operations (full spectrum). This track is designed to give the cyber warrior of today advanced capabilities.

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Jennifer Napper, Major General (ret.), US Army, CSFI Director - Advisory Board. Major General Napper is the VP and Deputy General Manager Defense Solutions, L3 Communications (NSS). Former Director of Plans and Policy, J5 USCYBERCOM.

Thinking About Cyberspace

Cyberspace is the battle ground of the future. In this video, Capt. Scott Hinck from Barksdale Air Force Base, La., explains the importance of defending against cyberspaces vulnerabilities. (U.S. Air Force video)

A Word From CSFI

CSFI is engaged in empowering and embracing our veterans. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and integration CSFI is able to provide our veterans with the critical capabilities to make a smoother transition from the military into the cyber security industry.

Cyber Conflict TTX, Spain 2013

CSFI organized its first cyber exercise in Spain and presented the Table Top Exercise (TTX) on May 6th, 2013. This is the first time CSFI coordinates and organizes the entire exercise abroad and in a foreign language.
Lessons Learned (Spanish) G1
Lessons Learned (Spanish) G2

LCDR Roger W. Kuhn, USCGR (ret.), CSFI Advisory Director, CSFI Education Fellow, Former Joint Service Cyber Operator

Mark Coffin on CSFI

US Army Lt. Col. Mark Coffin is Cyber Branch Lead for U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). Coffin's specialties include Open Source Exploitation, Physical Security, Operations Security, Vulnerability Testing and Assessments, Information Assurance, Social Engineering, Information Operations Planning and Execution, Computer Network Operations (D/E/A). Special thanks to Anthony M Freed from Tripwire for the interview.

CSFI is honored to have NETWARCOM as one of our DoD clients for CSFI training courses.
Naval Network Warfare Command (NETWARCOM) is the US Navy's information operations, intelligence, networks and space unit. Naval Network Warfare Command's mission is to execute, under Commander TENTH Fleet Operational Control, tactical-level command and control of Navy Networks and to leverage Joint Space Capabilities for Navy and Joint Operations.

CSFI Spotlight

Harold "Punch" Moulton
Major General (ret.), USAF
CSFI Advisory Director
Senior Director, Cyberspace Strategies, Integration, and Consulting at Stellar Solutions

"CSFI is an incredible forum and resource for cyber security content. As a strategist for cyberspace, I rely on keen insights and focused information. I turn to CSFI daily…it's my premier conduit to both learn and collaborate with the cyber security community. I am honored to be a CSFI member and recommend it highly to anyone interested in staying on the cutting edge of cyberspace security."

Lawrence L. Wells
Major General (ret.), USAF
CSFI Advisory Director
Former Commander, 9th Air Force
Senior Director, Cyberspace Innovation, Stellar Solutions, Inc.

Paul M. Lee
Major General (ret.), USMC
CSFI Advisory Director

"I recently joined the CSFI Team and am impressed with the vision, professionalism, client focus, and their approach and emphasis on training to ensure information systems remain secure. CSFI offers the Defense Department and Commercial entities the tools, knowledge, and collaborative opportunities crucial for the protection of their networks. In today's National Security and Business Environment defending networks is an imperative. For me the association has made me more appreciative of the challenges faced by individuals and organizations in protecting their networks from a variety of groups with nationalistic or ideological agendas. I am honored and privileged to be a member of the CSFI Team and encourage others to become involved and to get interconnected."

Jennifer Napper
Major General (ret.), US Army
CSFI Director

Major General Napper is the Group Vice President, Department of Defense and Intelligence Group, Unisys. Former Director of Plans and Policy, J5 USCYBERCOM.

Norman R. Hayes
Rear Admiral (ret.), US Navy
Former Director of the Intelligence Headquarters, EUCOM (J-2)
CSFI Advisory Board of Directors
Executive Vice President Cybersecurity and Intelligence Strategies, Dynamic Technology Systems, Inc. (DTS)

"CSFI represents the future of cyber security and acumen in an arena that we have only just begun to understand. The strong positive image that the leadership projects, and the confidence that they exude comes from deep knowledge they possess of the cyber environment. During the time that I have been an advisor to CSFI they have proven to be at the forefront of the national and international cyber community bringing together experts in exceptional venues for in depth discussions that explore the leading edge of the cyber bow wave. The partnership that SBG Technology Solutions and CSFI have forged has allowed SBG to leap rapidly forward in building a foundation of cyber knowledge based on the CSFI expertise."

Lt Col (EA) Ángel Gómez de Ágreda
Spanish Ministry of Defense

"I had the privilege to meet the CSFI-DCOE team who came to Spain to train some of our personnel in our new cyber command at the Spanish Ministry of Defense. Although I was not directly involved in the program, I had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with them and participate in some of the exercises. The team went far beyond their duties, making themselves available at any time to accommodate the customer. They left both as instructors and as friends."

Marc Jamison
Colonel (ret), USAF
CSFI Advisory Director
CEO of Cyber CheckMate Consulting

"While I was the Director of Future Operations at US Cyber Command, I came across CSFI. CSFI has introduced me to hundreds of dedicated professionals in the cyber warfare arena. I recently joined the CSFI team in Spain to train their new Cyber Command. CSFI's network is more than 25,000 strong bringing crowd sourcing, "whole of nation" approach, and social networking all together to tackle the new warfighting domain of Cyber. The certification courses CSFI provides now include the new Strategy and Planning course, representing the cutting edge of cyber warfare training and theory."

Robert A. Morris
Colonel (ret), USAF
CSFI Advisory Director

"If you want timely, relevant information and contacts spanning the Cyber spectrum, you will find it at CSFI. As a member from the early days of the Forum I watched connections grow and information sharing make substantive and enduring improvements for Cyberspace Operators. My vantage point as Director of the AFCYBER/ ACCE allowed me to see the astounding positive impact CSFI had on collaboration in the Defense and Commercial sectors alike. If you are not watching CSFI, you are not plugged into the network of key Cyberspace players."

Marshall "Hooker" Denney
Colonel (ret), USMC
CSFI Advisory Director

Kelly L. Goggin
Col. (ret), USAF
Former Senior Director of Congressional Inquiries for the Air Force at the Pentagon
CSFI Advisory Director

Joseph L. Billingsley
Military Cyber Professionals Association (MCPA) Founder,
CSFI Advisory Director.

"The Cyber Security Forum Initiative has served a vital role in the greater cyber community for years, creating life-changing opportunities for many. It's a unique venue where many thousands of people crowdsource some of the most important challenges of our time. At the helm of this bold endeavor is Paul de Souza, a trusted professional utterly dedicated to service. For the staggering entrance price of free, there's no good reason why every cyber security enthusiast should not contribute to the conversation."

Mark Kelton
CSFI Advisory Director
Former Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service for Counterintelligence (DDNCS/CI) - CIA, Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Security Studies Program of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.
"Cyber is ubiquitous in our lives today. Fortunately, American technological skill and ingenuity has granted the United States and its allies distinct advantages in that crucial arena. This is particularly true as regards the furthering of our commercial and national security interests. The Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) is unique in its mission of maintaining and furthering those advantages by fostering Cyber awareness and collaboration among the U.S. government, military and commercial sectors, as well as with international partners. The breadth and scope of that effort is indicative of the nature of Cyber dangers emanating from both state and non-state actors. Indeed, CSFI is prescient not only in its work in defeating current Cyber threats but also in anticipating future challenges. In its provision of security solutions, guidance and education on Cyber issues, CSFI is working to prepare government andindustry for the Cyber challenges to come.
By promoting collaboration and an exchange of ideas on Cyber between government and industry, CSFI is not only helping give our military services, intelligence and law enforcement agencies the skills and resources they need both to protect us and to project American power. Of equal import, CSFI is also aiding American commercial, industrial and research organizations in shielding from Cyber attack the intellectual property and proprietary information that under gird American interests and security.
I very much look forward to continuing to assist CSFI with its important mission in future."

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