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CSFI Gold Sponsors

These are critical sponsors who support CSFI’s mission by providing significant donations. Gold sponsors are at the heart of our CSFI success in making sure we continue to achieve our mission.


Educational and Strategic Supporters

These are colleges and universities from the United States and across the world that participate in and contribute to the success of our CSFI mission.

Capitol Technology University (USA) George Washington University (USA) Utica College (USA) University of Barclona (Spain) Sheffield Hallam University (UK) Valley Forge Military Academy & College The Institute of World Politics Excelsior College

Operational Sponsors

These are sponsors who provide operational support through the donation of vital collaborative services and technologies.

Tech Expo Stellar Solutions CyberHive TTC G2 Ops MCPA deepnode Cyber Checkmate Consultants Silobreaker Cyber Security Summit CNPITH VanCleve Associates Innovation Staffing ArmorText Cybrary Paliscope Cobwebs Technologies ICS Village Armed Synapse

CSFI International Resellers

Cybersecurity Finland Sectyne Armed Synapse

Strategic Contracting Supporters

Paragon Cyber Solutions

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