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Multinational Joint Cyberspace Operations Planning Exercise, Nov 2019, Brasilia, Brazil

Operação Cibernética Conjunta e Combinada, no âmbito do Fórum Ibero-Americano de Defesa Cibernética led by the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) and ComDCiber Brasilia, Brazil. CSFI was honored to provide the *Cyberspace Operations Planning Training* course to the Fórum Ibero-Americano de Defesa Cibernética in partnership with the Brazilian Cyber Command. A special thank you to all who worked very hard to make this highly qualified Cyber Ops training event a success. Thank you, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and Uruguay for your participation and dedication during this intense cyberspace operations planning exercise. A special thank you to the Brazilian Federal Police and the Gabinete de Segurança Institucional da Presidência da República, GSI.

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