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Drone/Counter-Drone Operations (D/CDO)

In this course and CSFI certification we look at the fundamentals of Drones, or Unmanned Systems, and how their employment can aid or hinder your operations. From serving as part of your Red Team and giving new capabilities to pen testing to mowing the lawn – drones can do it all (or they will soon). Drones can access places outside of normal peoples reach, enter areas too small or dangerous for humans, or on a larger scale carry loads that exceed human capacity.

People typically think of quadcopters when they hear the term drones. Drones fly, crawl, swim, and transition in between the modes. In reality the drone is just a component of a system. As part of a team you will gain an understanding of the systems approach for analyzing drones and how to employ them successfully while safeguarding against hostile drones.

Students get hands on time with different technologies including drones, control units, and directional antennas. With the hands on labs students gain experience ranging from basic operations to construction of counter drone systems.

What Students Will Learn

Labs Include

Attendees will get their hands on nano and mid-size drones and even build effective counter-drone targeting device!

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Minimum of 6 students

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