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UK Disinformation Panel Event

This is an ongoing global CSFI effort to bring awareness regarding disinformation campaigns.

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Event Overview

The Conduct of Cyber-Enabled Information Operations and the Undermining of Democracies: Government Representation. 19th March 2019. Central London.

The disinformation scenario included: deception, ideology and cyberspace operations.

Panel event for defense contractors, government and cyber security professionals responsible for the protection of information and national security.

The Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) was honored to be hosting a realistic scenario-based panel in the city of London, covering the knowledge and skill sets used by adversaries to conduct disinformation and deception operations. The panel has the intent of creating dialogue focused on the capability of modern adversaries’ abilities to disrupt decision making at the highest echelons of national security.

The Scenario

The use of social media as a tool to impair, disrupt, or disable the adversary’s ability to lead and direct operations will be discussed. Through a rich and realistic CSFI scenario, the audience entered into the realms of deception, ideology, and cyber operations where democracy finds itself contested.

CSFI deploys only the highest quality realistic scenarios, developed by experts in many unique fields of warfare, to include members of the military, the intelligence community, and the private sector.


We would like to thank our sponsors supporting this event panel in the beautiful city of London:

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