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The CSFI Spotlight program is an exciting way to highlight special CSFI supporters, such as board members, fellows, and sponsors through exclusive interviews. Our prestigious CSFI Spotlight interviewees will have the opportunity to share their views and provide granular details of how their commercial solutions can meet the requirements of our US military, the Intelligence Community, and industry, and then interested parties will be able to reach out to our interviewees for further information and discussion. The CSFI Spotlight program is a great opportunity to elevate our fellows, advisors, sponsors, and other notable supporters.

Interview with Jason Spezzano, Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Grammatech and Alexey Loginov, Vice President of Research at GrammaTech. Jason Spezzano and Alexey Loginov are also CSFI Fellows.

About GrammaTech

A leading developer of software-assurance tools and advanced cyber-security solutions. At GrammaTech, we help our customers, partners, and government sponsors solve the most challenging software issues of today and tomorrow, safeguarding embedded mission-critical devices from failure and cyber attack. With our security-first software design philosophy, you can rely on GrammaTech to help you design, develop, and deploy trusted software applications – minimizing corporate risks and maximizing your competitive position.

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