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Volunteering Opportunities

International Conference/Training Manager Internship Opportunity (VA, MD, DC)
Under the direction of CSFI Senior Executives, the Conference Manager will be responsible for the development and management of international operation event elements CSFI is engaged in. Our conferences and events are designed to achieve outcomes that advance the mission of the organization.
Upon successful completion of the internship program (6 month commitment), the intern will receive a letter of recommendation, a certificate from CSFI along with professional exposure and recognition in the cyber security/cyber warfare markets.
Must be a US Citizen.
Please email your resume to: if interested in this great opportunity!

Volunteer Testimonials

“I had the opportunity to meet Paul while working a CSFI project focused around air traffic control system vulnerabilities. While working with Paul and the rest of my CSFI colleagues, I was amazed by the grasp of understanding that Paul had, especially in how security needs to evolve in the current environment as well as the wide range of individuals, resources and capabilities CSFI has at its disposal. As a result, our team was able to create a fairly detailed report around current ATC vulnerabilities and recommendations to enhance the current security posture.
Additionally, outside of the ATC project, Paul has been of significant help to me throughout my career in the cyber security space. Through his network, I was able to be introduced to several current and retired military officers that are on the CSFI board of directors as well as many more extremely talented individuals. Additionally, Paul has been of significant help to me while I was pursuing a commission in the US Navy Reserves. I could not have done it without his help, guidance and wisdom. Working with Paul itself is a great privilege and I would be honored to work with him again as well as with the many members of the Cyber Security Forum Initiative.”

- Arvin Verma
Officer in the US Navy Reserves (Cryptologic Warfare Officer)

"My internship with the Cyber Security Forum Initiative has helped me to build a strong foundation for my future career in the Cyber domain. The strong focus on self-improvement and building my personal brand far transcended the support I expected to receive, and I was given many opportunities to get my name out to CSFI’s extensive network through the work I did to support the mission. Working so closely with Paul de Souza, Founder and President of CSFI, this has also been a great opportunity to learn all sides of the business, from the technical training aspect to the day-to-day operations that keep the CSFI mission going. With CSFI’s support I have attained my first technical certification, Network +, and have the opportunity to take the CSFI ICWOD and DCOE courses, too. This has been an unparalleled opportunity to jump start my transition into the cyber domain."

- Hobart Richey
CSFI Government Relations Associate, NET+

"Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI) has had a profound impact on my life on both a professional and a personal level. Before my internship with CSFI I had no real sense of direction after having been finished with college for a year. At the time I was living in Florida and could not find a job. I finally came across the opportunity to procure an internship in the DC metro area; that is how I became acquainted with Mr. Paul de Souza, the Founder and Director of CSFI, and he then invited me to join their ranks.

I had a lot of great experiences while working with CSFI, including training and certification opportunities, conferences and other Cyber Security events, and good on-the-job experience as well. All of these things really helped me figure out which path I wanted to take in my life. It also taught me to have patience and to trust and have faith in the process that had been set in motion. Mr. de Souza helped me get my Security+ Certification, and shortly afterward helped me get a good opportunity with another company.

Now, only a year after my internship with CSFI, I have a well-paying full-time job, I have Network+ and will be getting my CCNA soon, and hopefully beginning master's degree coursework in the near future. I can honestly say that none of this would have ever been possible without CSFI. The things I did and the people I met led directly to where I am today. CSFI gave me a direction and an opportunity act on it, and I am eternally grateful. I only have great things to say about CSFI, as well as Mr. de Souza."

- Richard Hall, Jr.
SOC Analyst at Lunarline

CSFI Volunteers


CSFI Volunteer Policy: All those participating in the Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI), whether as members, Fellows, or Advisory Directors, do so in their individual capacities as independent volunteers, and nothing in such volunteer arrangements should be construed as creating any ownership, partnership, employment, agency, contractual or other legal relationship with CSFI. Every CSFI volunteer in any position agrees to comply with all CSFI policies and directives and with all applicable laws. CSFI reserves the right to remove and/or replace volunteers from any position at any time at CSFI's sole discretion. CSFI is an independent legal entity, incorporated in the State of Nebraska and is not a component of the U.S. Government or of any other government.


These are people who have volunteered to work on announced IT projects. These projects are announced with details in our private forum. These are cyber security projects which will generate white papers, reports and alerts. There is a process for project acceptance and certain criteria must be met. These collaboration efforts concentrate on research and development of information security solutions. These projects generate a great level of industry collaboration, networking opportunities, and team work. The main goal is to give of some of your skills and time to the overall benefit of cyberspace.

These are CSFI volunteers who have donated of their time, skills, and knowledge towards our cause. The volunteers below have earned a Certificate of Appreciation by working on CSFI projects and creating real results. Their spirit of collaboration and knowledge sharing have made a difference in safeguarding our cyberspace.

Project: STUXNET

Amr Ali
Ben Ottoman
Chris Blask
David Simpson
David Vaughn
Jesus Oquendo
Joel Langill
Jim Harper
Iftach Ian Amit
Izar Tarandach
Stefano Mele
Zubair Ashraf


Project: Cyber Security Strategy Framework

Don Eijndhoven


CSFI-CWD Presenter

Roger W. Kuhn, Jr.
Kevin G. Coleman
Jeff Bardin
Rain Ottis
Frank Cindrich
Tim Treat
Marcus Morissette
Don Eijndhoven


Project: Undisclosed

Edward Challita


Project: Cyber Conflict Escalation Exercise

Connie Peterson Uthoff
Ian Ahl
Nicholas Andersen
Prof. William Butler
Marco Carter
David Escaloni
Rick A. Gilmore
Michael Harrison
James Keegan
Dr. Lydia Kostopoulos
Laura Kraft
Mark O'Brien
Kimberly Sanders
Mark Stanhope
Prof. William Stauffer Telles
Monte Toren
David Willson


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